Expand your business to the continent of growing economies: Latin America!

One thing that Spain and Portugal noticed long before the rest of Europe did: Latin America is a great export destination. Of course they have a few things in common with the countries in Latin America: history (not necessarily an advantage) and language (that is an advantage). But, since traditional export destinations within the European Union have become less of a certainty, companies are now forced to look further away for export destinations. Look west!

Latin America is wanted. Before mostly as supplier, now also as export destination. Socially, economically and politically stable, Latin America offers opportunities in many business areas. But, although it is the “promised continent”, doing business there is not a simple A-B-C. It requires time, effort and money, and you need to leave your preconceptions at home.  You don’t know where to start? How to find a local business partner? Need someone to represent you at a local fair? We can help you with that, and more.  We have 20 years of working experience in and with Latin America, and we’re happy to share that with you.

We love Latin America. Soon you will too!